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Hi Mark & Mike --

Here's a suggestion -- right after the "Welcome to the MT podcast for date . . . .", mention the topic. You've done this a few times and it makes it so much easier for me to know whether I am on the right podcast. I listen while driving and always have a few podcasts loaded on the player, but I don't want to be a hazard to myself & others by trying to read the menu.

Again . . . you guys are doing a great job. My library of MT 'casts is a most treasured management learning resource. If you both fell off the planet tomorrow, we'd be much richer for your contributions. Of course, I hope that doesn't happen and that you keep publishing for years to come!

Many thanks,

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Thanks for the kind words, and for the recommendation. We're always open to better ways to deliver value.


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[quote="Lou Florence"]...Here's a suggestion -- right after the "Welcome to the MT podcast for date . . . .", mention the topic...[/quote]

Here's a second on that request.

I have an iPod Shuffle - the tiny one with no display - and use it while I walk every morning. I have it loaded with all of the MT casts and it would be much easier to find the one I wanted to review that day.

You might also think of adding a warning that 'listening to MT might be addicting' :wink:

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in my mp3-list, it only says the date of the podcast. Do you know how to show the show's name in the list.