Upper management at my company is exploring the idea of implementing a "Summer Friday" test during the month of August as a morale booster. We had never had such a perk at this company before and they are soliciting suggestions from management as to how it could work. What are some of your "Summer Friday" policies and have they been successful?

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My company has had a summer friday policy for a couple of years and now it has been expanded to be year around.  Here is the way it works.  For people who choose, they adjust their schedule to work 4 - 9 hour days and then just 4 hours on Friday.  It has worked reasonable well and many people (70%) take advantage of it.  The other folks work a normal 8 hour day schedule.  Usually the reasons for not taking advantage of this is the extension of the work day during the week often due to childcare or child activitiies (my case).  In the summer, many people will also just take the whole day off, which then only takes a half a day of vacation. 

I don't think any measurement of productivity has been looked at to see if we are taking a hit because of this.  It is definitely something people like.  it is also not uncommon for people under tight deadline or addressing critical issues to be here on Friday afternoon's even if they are "supposed" to be off. 

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My company got acquired in the last few years and summer Fridays are one of the few good things that came of it. Same system as MJPETE wrote, but we only have it during the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day). Also, technically, on Friday, you're not supposed to leave before noon, no matter how early you come in.

I really liked it, because already I work 8.5 hour days or more, so it means now I get to leave early. I will say that one hesitation I had on taking a new job, which I interviewed for before summer started, was the loss of summer Fridays.

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My company has casual Friday every Friday of the year (unless you are in a customer facing role or location, or have a meeting with external customers etc). Also, every third or fourth Friday, we get free smoothies or a choice of sweet treats such as brownies/muffins etc. There is also Charity Friday once a month (kind of seen as the payback we give for being allowed wear casual clothing) where a charity is nominated and a representative within the company organises a raffle and sells tickets to raise funds for same. The company usually matches the funds raised. The charity raffle creates a great feeling - everyone feels good as they are giving to charity plus there is a real chance of winning one of the prizes - the email sent at the end of the day with the winner's names is scrutinised closely by everyone - there's great celebration if you win a bottle of wine worth €5 for a €10 outlay on tickets!


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Thanks for the insight all - I do think that the flexibility offered through a program like this would impact someones decision to leave or stay, it's a nice benefit. Awil- the charity angle is quite interesting.

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My company has had summer Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day for years....similar to other posts.  However, if we take a vacation day on Friday, it has to be counted as a full vacation day.  If your department must have someone on duty all Friday for coverage, your department is left to arrange for that.  The coverage people are allowed to take a full Friday off as comp time.  All coverage and comp time is managed by the department supervisor.  There is almost no abuse, and it does help morale.  The only problem is that there are many mid-level managers that have to work so much overtime that they can't consistently take advantage of this benefit.....a different and bigger issue though.

We also have casual Friday's year round....but casual is well defined and doesn't include dress that is "too casual" such as sneakers, frayed jeans, logo/sport t-shirts, etc.