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Hi everyone,

My name is Adele and I just discovered the Podcast. What I have listened to so far is priceless!! Thanks so much! I became a supervisor a year ago after busting my hump for 5 years. Pretty much people had to die for someone to get promoted. :P It started with one peson and now I'm up to 6. I supervise entry level QC Scientists working in the diagnostic industry. They work in the lab and Im responsible for product replenishment and implementing process improvements.

I have already had some challenges with my direct reports. One is very sensitive to feedback, and i know that i need to coach her in a way that she will be receptive to it.

i look forward to sharing my experiences.


Adele :P

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Welcome aboard Adele! You'll find you are in the majority when you said this stuff is priceless.

We look forward to your participation in the forums. Throw in issues, concerns, and suggestions. This is a VERY friendly and professional crowd.

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Welcome Adele,

I second Chuck's comment - it sounds like you will have some great contributions to make - this is what helps make these forums so valuable in conjunction with the podcasts!

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