BLUF: Be ready for a change, a management position may hit you when you least expect it.

Four weeks ago I started a new position as an individual contributor doing software consulting work. Previous, I had been a key architect developing a large software application. I had applied for software development management positions without success, and realized that I should go with my specialized strength - a strong experience in a niche development environment. I'm convinced that the transition to the new position wouldn't have happened without the Interviewing series.

But that's when it gets interesting....

The company I work for primarily does consulting/implementation work, but also has a vertical market product based on the same toolset. And they had a strong need for a development manager in that team. Someone who has developed vertical market software, implemented the structure for needed to support a stable, high quality product, and managed offshore resources.

Click. That product manager started interviewing me it became clearer and clearer that I could be an excellent fit. This wasn't me looking for a new role, she contacted me (after getting approval from my current manager).

After discussion with my current team members, the new team members, and the divisional VP, I accepted the position, which I will start in about three weeks. It is much more challenging for me than my individual contributor role, but I'm confident that I will make a positive difference.

So now I'm going to need the Manager-Tools resources more than ever.

Thanks again Manager Tools.


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Congratulations, Neil.

Now you're one of "Them."


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Nice going, Neil!

Healthy, growing organizations tend to find ways to leverage their people.

Good luck!


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John says: [quote]Now you're one of "Them." [/quote]
I'll add that now you're one of us. :)

Congrats on the promotion!

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A little late - congratulations.

For an MT manager, it shouldn't be surprising at all. Being here means you have access to the what is probably the best management advice available at any price.

Be well - be effective.