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I have to carry a PDA for work, and i also carry my phone and iPOD. I would like to sync my PDA with iTunes. Has any one else done this?

90% of what i listen to is podcasts. Has any one synced pod casts with a iPOD with some thing else?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I have a BlackBerry 8820 with a 2 GB microSD in it. I use iTunes, with something called iTunesSync (freebie). iTunesSynch allows me to send one or more playlists from iTunes into a USB device (which the BBerry can be). This works. I have one device that's PDA, phone, and decent MP3 player. Most of what I listen to on the BBerry is podcasts, so I use the single ear headset/microphone that came with the bberry. The button on the microphone part works as a pause button, as well as to answer the phone. Unfortunately, my bluetooth headset does not work for playing media files on the bberry, which would be even better than the corded phone headset. I think there are bluetooth ones that will work, but I haven't dug much into that question yet.

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One word, one device:



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I figured it out. My Palm T|X now syncs with iTunes using mOcean.

If you want to see how i did it, see my web page. [url][/url]