None of my formal education involved business or management of any stripe.

Now that I'm a manager, should I take continuing ed classes on management at a local college? My company has a tuition reimbursement program.

Or should I just keep working on catching up on all the M-T podcasts? :D (I only started listening in February!)

I ask because I've noticed a bit of, shall we say, ambivalence toward business schools in general...


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Hi Terri

I don't think one can go through life as a professional manager without continuous professional development. There is a huge difference btwn doing an MBA when one is 26 and has no business experience than doing an MBA when one is making managerial and relationship decisions on a daily basis. You need to take courses in addition to your MT certification ;)


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Our feelings about MBAs are FAR different (and more nuanced than it appears) than our feelings about what you're asking about.

Sure, take some courses if you feel undereducated in business. Talk to your boss, talk to the school, and choose 1-2. If you like, bring them back to the forums and we'll recommend.


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MT Certification - I love it! :lol:

But that will take attending the conference (shooting for next year) AND buying the book. (hurry up publishing company!)