Quick background, My son has been working as a Security guard putting him self thru college program for low voltage wiring.  He has the opportunity for an internship which is limited hrs & lower pay.  Companies are willing to hire people completing this program with no prior experience for standard hours & normal pay ( which is 50% than intern pay). 

From the initial look of it the internship offers nothing but a chance to try a company and see if you like working there and I did an internship at company X.
What questions should he be asking about the internship program to help make an informed descision?

I've recommended the internship on the condition that he keeps working his current job, and the internship gives him more exposure to the business side of the work, ie bidding jobs, leading crews, etc as opposed to simply "pull wire" for less money & get less hours.

Is there anything I'm missing as I help to mentor my son as he begins his career?