I realize that M&M recommend bringing a leather portfolio into an interview. However, I have a leather, monogrammed Levenger Circa notebook. It has about 75 sheets of paper in it so it's clearly thicker than a portfolio that has only 20-25 sheets of paper. However, it looks sharp and I'm comfortable with.

Thoughts on whether it's OK to bring the Levenger notebook in with me?


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What kind of organization are you interviewing with? Is it agile or is it slow to change? Think small Silicon Valley start up on one end of the spectrum, Large Boston financial institution on the other. What age, gender, and culture do the interviewers come from? Knowing this, will what you carry into the meeting detract from the impression the interviewers form of you?

I'm well aware of the recommendations made on the podcasts and as one of the first members of this community I agree with the overwhelming majority. But I can tell you that if I'm interviewing someone and they walk into the interview with a professional looking writing resource, I won't care whether its a portfolio or a journal. Now, if the applicant walks in with a cheap spiral notebook, or just a legal pad,  to me, that would distract from their professionalism. Other than that, don't obsess over which type of pad you use.










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I love the Circa! And I think if you're comfortable with holding it and using it, you can make it "disappear" like a thinner padfolio. I wouldn't want to see you fidgeting with it throughout the interview, but if you can be comfortable with it, I say go for it! 

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It's actually an internal interview at my current employer. We're a Fortune 50 technology company.

I don't know who all the interviewers will be yet, besides the hiring manager of course. I should know by the end of the week (the interview is next Monday). I've conducted pre-wires with everyone on the team that I would be joining, going on the assumption that most likely at least one of them will be an interviewer, and everyone on the team is very laid back and easy to get along with. I'm travelling out of state for the interview and it's with a different part of the business that I don't have any interaction with in my current role, so I've never personally met anyone that will be interviewing me.