Due to a recent back injury, my cube is being re-arranged to give me standing access to my computer, phone, etc.

Does anyone have any pointers or things I should watch out for?



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I had a friend awhile back (no pun intended) who had back problems and had one of the wall mounted desks in her cube raised up to about elbow height standing.  That seemed to work good for her


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If you haven't already, do some keyword searches around stand up desks, workstations, etc. Over the last year, I've seen multiple articles on the benefits of using a stand up desk. There may even be a forum or two out there.

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 You'll want to sit some of the time. Standing all day every day is also an issue - ask retail clerks, nurses, grocery store clerks and so on. 

That means you need to be able to get your desk and posture to coordinate.  Adjustable desks are super expensive, adjustable chairs are more affordable. Just something to consider.