I happened to catch this on about an NBA player (salary $3.5 annual) who needed to TWIT during halftime of a game he was playing in.  Unreal.

Read the comments sections.  Unbelievable how many people think this action did not take away from his focus and that the behaviour is totally appropriate.




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Sorry this is prob. a months old thread, but wanted to mention I can see a big upside - the coach had told him to toughen up, and he'd gone and made it public to his fans.  There's some pretty good evidence around that a public written commitment is an enormously powerful driver of behaviour.

Not saying it doesn't make him a twit (pun intended), but as the article notes, he later said he found it motivating, and he did in fact end up playing a good game.

Sounds like the club weren't too bothered, beyond saying "pls not again, thanks".