Dear everyone, 

Hope you are all well. I appreciate very much this forum.

Wanted to know what kind of app are you using for task management and how do you manage task. 

Lately i was using Google task but with its new version we can open the app on its own windows a bit crossed about that. 

So can i have your help and and advices for managing tasks with apps.

Thanking you in advance.

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Microsoft To-Do has recurring tasks, due dates and two different ways to get yourself a daily list:
My Day. The app's built around a self-curated daily focus list that's not necessarily due that day, just a set of tasks you want to work on that day and are pretty sure you can get done.
Planners. The Planners smart list collects all tasks you have a due date on (whether upcoming or overdue) and all tasks you have a reminder in the future for. They get sorted into collapsible buckets so you can just collapse all buckets except the items that are due today / have a reminder set for today.

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Hi /

there is plenty of them from google task to evernote etc.
what is more important is that you need to manage your time and dont get your cell phone filled with apps its big sort of distraction.

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  1. Centrallo
  2. Easynote
  3. Trello
  5. Accelo
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Banor -

From what I understand, Mark & Mike use OmniFocus. It appears to go well with David Allen's Getting Thing's Done or GTD system.

It sounds like the Manager Tools folks also use spreadsheets.

Or you might even think about considering pen and paper, like the "hipster's PDA."

I agree with Mo84's sentiment. Focus on getting the work done and not the system or app. If google task was working for you then it might be good to keep using google task. I could be wrong. Good luck!