I recently started in a new position within a company I have been working for a few years. I am settling in and getting to grips with the new position. This position sits with a team of staff. There is someone in a post a grade higher than me (although doesn't manage me) and three below me (whom i manage). I report to someone a grade higher than the grade higher than me (two grades up)

My manager has told me that they are looking at the post above me and one of the positions below me with a view to merging them into a second person on my grade. So one redundancy. My role will still exist but will not be part of the consultation. However, by doing this, I lose the management on one person (another position has already left and is not being filled) and the third I manage but is in a separate area so I'm not sure if that will continue.

I asked about line management and whether there would be an opportunity to continue this. My manager answered this in a very wooly fashion so I wasn't very reassured. Of course, it's very much in the early stages but I'm a little bit worried that the line management bit of my job could potentially be disappearing. I left my previous position because I felt bits of my work were being given to other people so now I'm quite worried.

I think I'm a good worker. I keep my head down and stay out of the office politics. I always volunteer for things when they come up and meet deadlines.

Should I start thinking about moving on? Will it hinder my chances of a promotion if I have previously managed staff but no longer do?

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I advise caution against reading too much into the changes. I suggest continuing to make observations and collecting data points. Discuss the companies goals for the changes with your manager and offer your suggestions.