[b]Bottom line[/b]: My team really likes the feedback & coaching from the MT model.

My company does an employee survey. Two of the questions ask specifically if their manager is giving them effective feedback and if their manager is helping them with development.

100% of my people gave me a 4 or a 5 out of 5 (1 being low & 5 being high) for these! I was in the top percent (in a company with 10's of thousands of employees)! My boss was amazed.

I feel like I've had so much bad news lately, this has been a ray of sunshine. I've asked people about the feedback before and they've told me they've been finding it's getting better. I think both they are getting comfortable with both the positive and constructive comments. I'm also getting better at giving things like feedback on trends and patterns versus isolated incidents. I've made some mistakes in delivery too. But it all started with just starting....

THANKS...I couldn't have done it without the help from Manager Tools!

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That's encouraging to hear. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to beginning to use this model myself in the coming weeks and months ahead. Thank you for the testimonial - I'm glad to know that there is some real-world 'proof' of effectiveness.