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I'd be very interested to hear of members' experiences of the 'team briefing' system - is it one you'd recommend?

My understanding of this approach is that a top team creates a core brief that is cascaded systematically through the organisation. Team meetings at each level are arranged to fit in the chain, enabling key messages to get from top to bottom very quickly. Variations on the theme also include the inclusion of more 'local' briefs and the capacity to consult with the organisation through asking for feedback on a proposal, for example.

The benefits are supposed to be quick communication and yet a system which is more effective through its face-to-face approach whereby messages are framed for each audience (a la Manager Tools).

The downside is supposed to be managers who don't understand the system and end up reading out briefs that are not framed for the audience - the whole thing becomes one of those pointless exercises that organisations do without anyone really being able to understand why.

Would love to hear your experiences and recommendations!

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