I am overseeing a 22 member leadership team made up of executive directors and managers. The team was formed one year ago after a new CEO was brought in and the organization was flattened. I have introduced this team to the Covey management resource known as 4DX. The team has responded well and within one year we are making great strides in goal focus and execution. That being said, we are about to embark on our second annual strategic planning retreat. I facilitated this retreat last year and it went well. I have the responsibility for doing so again this year. I feel we really need to drive this team toward greater collaboration. The team still has some members that are not trustworthy and we have a few who are the type of leader that works in a vacuum. In other words, they feel as if they do not need each other. The result of this has been great goals and the start of focused action plans but,  without the benefit of reaching acroos the aisle and working with one another. We have ineffective processes in many cases, duplication of services, fingers pointing in every direction, etc. , most of which are the result of the lack of real collaboration. Any ideas for a fun team exercise that will exhibit the need for this team to come together?

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 Consider reading "The Man Who Lied to His Laptop: What We Can Learn About Ourselves from Our Machines" by Nass and Yen.  The book takes a data-driven approach to historically subjective topics and includes a section on team building.