I am VP of Sales for a 55 person company.  I have 10 folks that report to me and I would like to get everyone together along with a couple of the owners to show our appreciation to the team.  Team building like ropes/rapids or something would be good but looking for any other suggestions.  We are also spread out around the country so would be looking for something somewhat central but somewhere that would have some good weather and good activities...i was thinking maybe Denver.  Any ideas?

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Yahtzee, I've only been involved in one group activity that made a GOOD impression, and that was when our CIO invited 30 members of a high-stakes project team out to dinner with the sponsoring VPs and Directors... they flew everyone in, treated us to a nice (but not too formal) dinner and drinks and mingling, put us up overnight, and flew us home in the morning. Each of the senior leaders made a point of spending time with every one of us "worker bees" and recognizing, specifically, the work we'd done to get the project closed out in record time. It was nice to know that the CIO and VPs cared enough to learn the name and contribution of each analyst and developer, and it made a huge impression. I would have been rolling my eyes all afternoon if I'd have been on a ropes course with these folks, but your mileage may vary.

You might want to listen to the Teambuilding 101 podcast, too:

Good luck!