Hey everyone, 

I am making a list of team enhancement activities for a group of supervisors. And I am thinking that to have activities that are in time with Spring. 

I only have Scavenger hunt in my list and I am planning to at least have 5 to 6 activities. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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If you will a physical or face to face teambuilding, search for activities that are convenient in following the pandemic protocols. Safety first :) 

Or you may search for virtual team building activities - I think this option is timely though challening but you can tweak so as to reach your objectives. 

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@Breanna thanks. I will suggest that we will just do a virtual one. Actually I found an article about it and it has some suggestions - good ones really -

And i think almost all things will be done virtually as long as the pandemic is not yet over. What do you think about the article?