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So, I'm taking over a new team after accepting a new career opportunity - going from IT Director of school district of approx. 1,300 to IT Director of 4,500. I am going from 4 directs that reported to me to a new team that has 9 directs. However, the makeup is roughly field techs, system administrator, data person, and a field tech "team lead"? Do I do O3s with all of them? Only the team lead? Do I do weekly O3s with the team lead but bi-weekly for the others?

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Going from my memory of the podcasts, the guidance is to do O3s only with your direct reports. People who report to one of your reports are considered your skip, and you would NOT do O3s with them. The reasons are fairly obvious -- how would you feel if your boss did O3s with one of your reports?

To get at least some information about how your skips are performing, you might use an O3 with one of your reports every second month or so to ask about your skips.

On the podcasts, search "skips".

Hope you found this helpful. 

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So, does it matter if all the techs actually report to me?  Meaning, on their job descriptions it says "reports to" or "supervised by" IT Director, but there is this lead field tech who I believe does day-to-day.

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I would recommend you only hold O3's with your team leads. If they are to truely lead the other team members, then they need to build the relationship with the other team members. You should hold your O3's with the team leads, and the team leads should hold O3's with their teams. That allows for team leads to function better, and also allows you to better delegate work to your team leads without having so many people come directly to you with quesitons or concerns.