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Hey all -

My team is starting to rethink the way we are organized.  I am wondering if anyone has any advice on what would make sense for the type of team we are and want to be. 

We are a global reporting team in a large company supporting multiple individual businesses within that organization (think of Mortgage as one and Credit Cards as another).  We also manage reporting and requests from many initiatives that span multiple businesses or geographic locations. Although we support global reporting requests, all of our resources are currently located in the US in one of four major locations (with a few minor locations). 

We have our technology and server infrastructure, which is currently supported by several programmers and DBAs.  They work on application development and keep our environment running. 

We have business-facing teams that deal directly with requests from a single business.  They have varying skillsets for the analysts and developers on the team.  Some are advanced in SQL, .NET, and Cognos.  Others only have the ability to develop reporting/processes in Office tools (Access/Excel). 

We have a team that supports initiatives - large, continuous programs or projects that require a suite of reporting. 

We have some specialty resources - technology/BI-type people, along with my team which is in charge of Controls and Project Management. 

Each team has a manager and some have two managers to our director.  There are also some that have supervisors, who manage the more junior resources on the team (my team is one like this). 

The problem with our current structure is overlap.  Our business-facing teams overlap with our initiative teams, our businesses aren't clearly divided from one another in some cases, and my team plays the role of BA, PM, Stakeholder in many cases.  Our structure is causing us to miss deadlines, makes it difficult for our customers to navigate (they don't know who to call), and creates anxiety for the teams because they don't like others "encroaching" on their territory.  I don't mind my team playing numerous roles, but how can we do that efficiently?  How should our broader team be organized to be efficient, nimble, controlled, and with the ability to develop expertise?

I'm reading up on a lot of different organizational models to inform and educate myself before we meet to discuss.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  What works in your organization?

I appreciate your help!