I'm trying to find the best way of staying up on IT industry news. I've recently (within the last 9 months) taken over as IT manager at my company. Previously I didn't bother focusing on the industry, but now I see the need (after many, many hours of a certain podcast).

Does anyone have any suggestions for magazines or periodicals that have an IT industry lean that it would behoove me to read? Bonus points for things I can get in the mailbox when I get home. (Anything to keep me away from the television!)

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You don't say what type of team you are managing, infrastructure, dev, support. I have been in IT management for a while now and keeping abreast of what is going on helps me.

I have a 45 minute commute each way to work. I drive. Instead of listening to the radio I listen to podcasts. There are lots offering a round up of IT news. I also use feebly to subscribe to a few tech blogs that I can read on my tablet. Far quicker than getting things in the post.

I am in the UK and I would look to these periodicals. Computer Weekly,, Financial Times and maybe the Wall Street Journal. Again you can get these on tablets.

There are a couple of reasonable websites but that is easy enough to Google.

sorry I never replied sooner, hope this helps. 


Good luck