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Apologies in advance if this isn't the right place to post this.

I've been noticing that my podcast application (Doggcatcher on Andriod) has been failing to download some of the MT podcasts recently, while others download just fine. The problem is consistent, with downloads failing over the last few weeks. The error from application is an unhelpful "ClientProtocolError."

In looking more closely at the podcasts that are failing versus those that are succeeding, I notice a consistent difference in the small set I've looked at closely: those that are failing are initially returning a HTTP/302 redirection while those that succeed are not doing such a redirection.

For example redirects to, and redirects to - both of these fail for me consistently while the following does not redirect and works consistently (it seems like the files were moved recently and the feed has a mix of old and new locations with 302 redirects handling the old locations).

My evidence clearly isn't waterproof, it's just correlation rather than causation at this point, but I wanted to make the MT admins aware the 302 redirections might be causing problems and if someone is willing to work with me (e.g. change out of the links to avoid the redirect) I could verify the issue.

Obviously my podcast application could be handling this better and if I can verify thiis is the problem I'll go complain to them.





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Thanks, Von.  I'll have the developers take a look and see if there is anything we can do on our end.

Interesting that 302s would cause an issue on Doggcatcher .. but if we can do something to alleviate the issue, more than willing.


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I agree it seems odd. I'm also checking with DoggCatcher support.