I am currently unemployed and looking. I was recommended for a great opportunity and after an extensive telephone interview the recruiter submitted my resume and profile to HR.

The next stage is a phone interview with the hiring manager who is the EVP/CMO of the company. I'll have a prep meeting with the recruiter the day before.

How should a first introduction over the phone affect my interview prep? Which of the rules of a face-to-face interview still apply? What new issues should I consider?

I appreciate any insights.


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I thought there was a podcast, besides the one in the interview series, about phone interviews.  However, I couldn't find it.  Maybe someone else remembers.

Basic advice is to treat it just like a regular interview. Make sure you have a wired phone, and a quiet place to conduct the interview.

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The interview series is great, and it includes lots of detail on how to handle a phone interview.  There's much more than can be conveyed here in the forums.  A couple things you should keep in mind are: 

- You won't have gestures and expressions to help you - you must convey energy and enthusiasm through your voice.  

- Akinsgre is right:  a quiet place with a reliable phone is key.   Be ready ahead of schedule.  

- It's an interview, and you should be fully prepared for the same sets of questions as a normal interview.  

John Hack

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As John mentioned you won't have the gestures/expressions to help.  However, one advantage I've found of the interviewer not being able to see you is being able to have notes/summary points for answering the potential questions in sight. 

You don't want to sound like you're rustling papers so what I've done in the past is use my study as the location and sellotape up my interview answer notes/summary points to book cases.  I used different bookcases for different categories of interview questions. 

Standing up when on the phone helps with conveying energy and enthusiam, and also allowed me move quickly and quietly between the different book cases and to different notes/summary points depending on the question asked.

Get the interview series of podcasts - there's a mine of interview advice in there and completely worth the investment.