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Hello MTers,

Does anyone have a template they'd be willing to share for the 3-month "keep in touch" e-mails that MT recommends?

For some people, these e-mails are easy as I can include a link to an interesting article or ask them a specific question.  For others, it's more difficult, as it's more of a general "how are you?" e-mail.

I realize that this will probably get easier as I do it more and build up a database of responses that I can use for the next e-mail, but I wanted to see if anyone has a template that I could use along the way.



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This is what I write:

Hi x,

I was just thinking about you this week and wondering how you are. Hope all is well with you and yours.


(Admittedly, I'm a way high D, but I've never had anyone remark on it being too short).

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 As a high 'S' I basically send

Hello X

Just staying in touch here. The news at my company is...(one sentence). Misc question RE their company, family, hobby. Let me know if I can be of any support.


Keep it short. It is about being remembered. Not about what you say.

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Thanks wendii and mfculbert for your templates.  Glad to see that both high Ds and high Ss can keep it short!  I'm a high D/C, so a relatively short e-mail makes me feel much more comfortable.  And it makes me more likely to actually DO it.


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Just found these templates and used immediately. Thank you Wendii and mfculbert.