BLUF: I was given a 3 month temporary promotion to team leader (of my team) while the usual team leader was on 'special duties'.  My usual team leader has since fed back that people (other TL's) thought 'I'd make more of it' than I did.  I need people to know I can do the role (I'm passionate that I can) and need another opportunity should one arise.  Any tips please?



I had changed technical roles (fairly drastically) in the same company about 2 weeks before being asked to be temporary TL.  I'd worked in this kind of field before but not the depth I do now.

The old TL basically didn't disengage from his old role for the whole 3 months, didn't announce to the team I was the interim TL (actually seemed to refuse to accept it had happened!), didn't move office, attended the team meetings and acted as TL, kept on undermining me in meetings (reporting on his 'old' team that I was TL of when he was there to report on his current team).  A lot of the time it got pretty tense (his boss picked him up on this).

At a recent meeting with him, when I said I didn't feel I had achieved as much as I wanted during the 3 month period, he said that other people had said that about me too.

This really bugs me, because I don't think I was given a fair shot at it.  I knew he was coming back after 3 months, so didn't want to make sweeping changes, ok we didn't deliver to target (but for the last 2 years neither did the team anyway!) but I reckon I put in a good groundwork of planning and communication and leadership that has benefitted the team since.  He acknowledges this (which is good I guess).

I just feel that if people don't reckon I did 'well' during the 3 months, they might overlook me if another such opportunity (or full time TL role) came up and I really have to make sure I'm the 'best' in everyone's eyes to take on such a role.

Any ideas please?  I am currently thinking about the option of talking to his boss directly about this.



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Is the team leader you "replaced" for 3 months your manager?  

John Hack


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Yes, perhaps I used bad terminology.  He's the Manager of the section I guess, rwhich is the role I was asked to do (as opposed to team leader).  His boss told me at the start the key thing was to get used to doing things like performance reviews etc, which I did....and still do for some members of the team delegated from my boss.



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What were the expectations of your 3 month assignment? You mention performance reviews which is a pretty big step for a short term, temporary assignment. Let's assume no one took the time to establish clear goals for your temporary assignment ... what do you believe those goals were? How did you perform in each of those goals? Evaluate your performance -- good and bad -- as your Section Manager's boss would. Be objective about your results and hold off on the justifications. Most importantly, state what you believe needs to be done to achieve the goals based on your 3 months in the interim position.

If you are being evaluated - and I believe you are - then your results are not really the question. It's more about how well you can interact with the team, assess the capabilities, and establish clear goals. Showing management that you are comfortable giving an objective self evaluation of your performance demonstrates you are concerned about the results AND you know what to do to improve them.

Don't sweat the critique.

- Dave