Open question: How would you approach a new assignment in a location that everyone knows will be a temporary situation? I have been brought in to a very successful DC to learn and manage during a peak season with the explicit understanding that I'll be moving to a new start-up facility in SC in January 07.

Would you approach O3s any differently? Would you make modifications to the manager tools approach for coaching, reviews, etc? I don't want to overstep but at the same time I'll be accountable for performance standards just as if I were working on a permanent assignment.

Would you do anything different?

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My gut reaction to this is to treat it as if you've announced your resignation already. Perform O3s (and if people give you flack, inform them that you're responsible for their development now and will work to transition the goals you two estabish to the new manager when you leave). Perform evaluations prior to your departure. And make sure that you fully transition everything when you leave.

You're temporary, the employees aren't. No point in giving them the short en d of the managerial stick.

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I agree with Lou with the additional emphasis on "do your best - ALWAYS!" Do the O3s, do the coaching, do the developmental work, do the performance appraisals. Wow them now! You will be remembered for it. You never know when a temporary position will be a great reference or turn long term.

Look at me, I've been at this same company close to 19 years... it was a 3 month temporary assignment back in 1988!

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Thanks - I do plan to put everything I have into this since the temporary part is only the location and I'll still be working for the same company and possibly have some of the same directs working with me in the new facility.

This is only me second week of 4-5 weeks orientation/training and today I attended a COACHING seminar put on by the company. I have to admit, having done it the MT way there were more than a few times that I tried to point out the difference between coaching and feedback situations. Everyone has been well versed in feedback but some of their ideas on coaching had me a little on edge.

And the SOP is to do O3s once amonth and at the same time they tell supervisors to build rapport with their people and have empathy. Kinda hard in that time frame I think. I plan on introducing some new ideas but with careful caution so that I'm "suggesting" some ways that have worked for me in the past and not coming across as the new guy who already knows it all.