I just checked your "Terms of use" page and got a little confused regarding how your content can be used. For example, am I able to use your free content as a manger working for a corporation or I can only use it at home managing my private projects which don't provide any monetary gain?



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So long as your corporation is not delivering management consulting services.

The free content here (and likely the premium too) can't be used to make money giving effective management, effective communication, or career seminars or trainings.

aka.  Don't regurgitate their IP call it your own and make money....the call it your own part might not matter either.

But I'm pretty sure they want you to use this information at work, i think...maybe..., its hard to tell exactily what they are going for; but yes, I would use it at work....and my recommendation is do not, NOT, use it at home.  My wife HATES it when I give her feedback!  "Baby, you put too much starch in my shirt.  When you do that, here's what happens....." Long story short, I iron everything now.



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Certainly, use it at work. What we'd like you NOT to do is (without a corporate license) distribute it throughout your organization.

You're free to use for YOUR work.


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Thanks Mike. Is it also Ok if I refer my colleagues to your site or to forward a copy of the freely downloadable content. I'm thinking that as long I include the reference I should be Ok, right?


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Certainly, we'd love for you to refer colleagues to our site! And we'd prefer you send your colleagues a link where they can download the freely available content themselves.

Thanks for helping to spread the word!

Best Regards,