I had a job interview today.
I started listening to Manager Tools about 3 months ago.
Hmmmm . . .what a coinicidence.

How about my first greeting, the handshake, smile. . . CHECK
How about walking into the office . . .CHECK
How about the Weakness Question . . .CHECK
This worked like a charm!!!!!!
Building Relationships (how many times does Mark mention that?)
I used this as a basis for my discussions of what I would do as
as a project manager.
The response I got . . ."That is really refreshing to hear . . ."
Make you manager look good . . ."I sure wish others would do that . . ."
"How do you handle communicating with people . . ." - I often
use a model called DISC (then explain it).
Succesful communication is based on the receiver . . .
If one can help communicate better by matching the behavior of
the person one is communicatin with . . .

The result?

[b]"If you are interested, I would really like to have you back to meet with my boss and HR. I'm interested in hiring you . . ."[/b]


Thanks you guys! I mean, you really built a model for me to use in my day-to-day work, and translating this further into the interview has gotten me to the next step at a company I am extremely interested in working at, and getting a job I've wanted for a LONG TIME![/i]

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I'll save Mark the post - Way to go you! No matter the source of the content, the credit always goes to the one in the ring. Congratulations on a great interview.


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having a MT manager to interview must be a dream! But good job on remembering, articulating and demonstrating the values - only you can do that... unless we can get Mark to come to interviews with us!


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Everybody else said it well .... awesome job! Congratulations on PRACTICING the behaviors. I love your approach; perhaps if we all looked for opportunities to practice the behaviors each day, we'd all have similar results. ;-)

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Well done you!

And the credit always goes to the one in the ring.

It's a privilege to serve you, and sorry for the delay.