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Dear Mark, Mike, and the Manager Tools Community,

Thank you for your advice and support. With the help of the Manager Tools podcasts and the discussions on these forums, I was promoted on Thursday. Before I managed a group of computer programmers- now I'm managing the entire team, including QA, technical support, and product managers. This is the realization of a dream that I have had for 15+ years, and I couldn't have done it without Manager Tools. Thanks again!


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Congratulations, Rich!

As always - credit goes to the one in the ring. None of it works without YOU.

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Thank you!!!

As I told Mike, "[b]I[/b] get credit for being the one in the ring, and [b]you[/b] told me where to punch!"


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Excellent news, and congratulations!


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Congratulations, neighbor! That's totally awesome!

May I inquire as to how long you've been listening & implementing the advice, casts, etc. leading up to the promotion?

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[quote]May I inquire as to how long you've been listening & implementing the advice, casts, etc. leading up to the promotion?[/quote]

I started listening June 2006, O3s in July 2006, feedback in April 2007 (after the conference). Other techniques, like coaching, delegation, and meeting skills were sprinkled in at various times.

I wasn't a [i]bad[/i] manager beforehand, but Manager Tools has certainly made me [b]much[/b] better.


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Hearty [b]congratulations.[/b] Great to hear MT making a huge difference to the performance of the people.

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Hey Rich

Congrats. Most people don't even have the inclination to grow as you have, never mind act on the inclination. Well done. Don't let too many of your directs in on the MT secrets. Otherwise, they will all come gunning for your new job :wink:

Best of Luck


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[quote]Don't let too many of your directs in on the MT secrets.[/quote]

asteriskrntt1, I know you're joking here.

However, it's a point worth sharing with others. Sharing MT secrets with my former peers (and my directs, and my boss, and anyone else in the organization that would listen) is a major reason for my promotion.

My old boss asked one of my former peers how they would feel about me being their boss. Her response: "Well, he's been a mentor to me for over a year, so I think it's a great idea."

Spread the MT gospel, folks. Making others successful is a clear path to success!


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I tell EVERYONE about MT, my students, my parents, people I interview with. etc. In fact, my spiritual leaders tell me that passing on ideas and not citing where you learned what you pass on is a sign of great disrespect.

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Congratulations on your new role!

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I took it as a great honor when you called me with the news ... I couldn't have been more thrilled for you!

Congratulations once again ... very well deserved indeed!

best regards,

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Great news Rich! Congrats - Steve

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Holy cow! I didn't congratulate Rich? Oh man.

Rich, congratulations. I always appreciate your comments in the forums and I'm sure you'll do a great job for the lucky company that hired you.

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I've been lax in my following of the forum, and am even more tardy in offering this than Will - well done Rich. Congratulations, and good luck.