Mark and Mike:

I wanted to say "thank you" to you both for Manager Tools. The first time I heard your podcast last year, I immediately recommended it to my CTO and said "if they charged for this, I would pay for it, no question." Although I wasn't a manager at the time, I am now, and your podcast is the only reason I am as successful as I am at it.

Every week is pure gold. Keep up the good work!

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And with a screen name like that, you fit right in with us.

Glad you're getting value from our work 9and are willing to tell others that!).

It's a privilege to help you grow your career.


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I would like to second drinkcoffee's gratitude for the Manager-Tools podcasts. I would also like to provide some specific feedback.

The things I find particularly valuable are:-

- the way you break the various models (feedback, coaching etc) into simple, easy to understand steps. This makes it easy to understand the model, remember the steps and the order in which they should be done.

- specific examples of workplace behaviour that illustrate how the models play out in practice. These make it much easier to see how various strategies can be put into practice.

- the pace of the podcasts are generally very good. Concepts are introduced and explained in sufficient detail without labouring the point. The conversational style works really well, and breaks up the sound of one person's voice droning on and on.

- the additional resources you provide really reinforce the podcasts and make them much more effectice for those of us that are visual learners. For example, the DISC model cheat sheet neatly summarises the model and provides further insight about how the different profiles relate to eachother.

Thanks again guys. We really appreciate what you are doing.

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it's our pleasure, Thomas. Glad you're getting value from our work.


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I would also like to thank you. Fervently.

I come at this from a slightly different place. I am a technical person who now manages. I did ask for the responsibility, but I was under prepared. The irreplaceable value in your work is filling in all blanks left by management books. After reading a couple I was left with the statement "Ok.. how do I do that". Everything you've discussed I can easily implement.

Thanks Again

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It truly is our pleasure. We enjoy this work immensely, all the more so that you and your fellow members are getting VALUE from us... we're helping you be effective.

it's a privilege to do it.


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At the risk of "piling on" :wink:, I'd like to chime in as well and add my thanks.

I "stumbled" on to M-T about 2 months ago when trolling for finance/business podcasts on iTunes. I was attracted to your podcasts because, after working 20+ years as an engineer and project manager at a large company, I've decided that my next career step is to move into technical "line" ( i.e. people/personnel) management. Having now listened to several of your casts on topics germane to my present circumstances, I'm even more energized to move into managment and use the techniques and concepts you've presented as much as possible to develop people and form a great team ( i.e. "I'm psyched!"). In fact, I've referred several of my manager and nonmanager friends as well as some new-hire friends I know to M-T, since I think your content is OUTSTANDING (my wife is getting bored with my walking in the door from my evening commute, Treo 650 plugged into my ears, and saying something like: "This M-T content is TERRIFIC, I need to listen to ALL the podcasts NOW!).

Guys, THANK YOU for doing this work - it's fabulous!


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Thanks for the kind words. We never tire of hearing that we're helping others.

Your post reminds me one of a friend of mine's favorite movie lines, from "Raising Arizona", delivered by Nicolas Cage:

[i]"I think I'm in Dutch with the wife."[/i] Of course, he had just robbed a liquor store, I think, with a baby in the car it's a little different scale. :wink:

Nevertheless, don't let Manager Tools get in the way of what's REALLY important!


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Nevertheless, don't let Manager Tools get in the way of what's REALLY important!


Appreciate your comeback. One of the things that's really kept me coming back to M-T is the personality and character of Mike and you. You're both serious about what you do and work like dogs, but understand that there are things that are still ultimately more important, especially family and relationships. I'm sure the Lord used your daughter's cancer to cement this into who you are. Would love to talk with you about that some day...

[b]In the small world department...[/b] I've been mentoring a very sharp guy in a nearby area in my company and started describing M-T to him as the treasure trove of leadership information it is. I mentioned these 2 West Point grads, what they did and what they're doing and he said: "I think I know Mark!" :!: Apparently, he's played golf with you (he used to work for Applied Materials)! We were right at the end of our O3 time and I had an O3 with a manager, so I was unable to get more detail than that you have a great drive... :wink:



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That is a small world story. I have played golf with plenty of AMAT guys, and helped a lot of them get started there. Great company and great people. Let me know who it is when you can.


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[quote="mahorstman"]That is a small world story. I have played golf with plenty of AMAT guys, and helped a lot of them get started there. Great company and great people. Let me know who it is when you can.[/quote]

PM sent...

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With the holidays here I had to write my first post to Thank You both. I started listening this August and it literally has turned my career around. I am a middle manager who has been kind of lost in the shuffle for the last few years. In the last four months I have gone from 'stuck in the mud' to the person the Sr. VP of HR has personally come to for advice and told me that my management skills are head and shoulders above the other Managers and Directors in our company. I have been placed in a leadership role in a Customer Service Change movement and she is talking about creating a new position for me to be in charge of training other Managers. Whenever I tell my wife about a new book or something I did from work she says, "Oh, you must have got that from Your Podcast." Using your advice for Meetings has brought new life to my department. We used the 'Favorite Tool' for our November Meeting and at least half the people told me it was the best meeting they have ever been part of ...period. Just some of the great energy you have added to my life!

Happy Holidays and have a great 2007!!~ Frank

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Thanks for the kind words! Just what Mike and I need to hear this time of year.

We look forward to continuing to help you grow in 2007 and beyond.


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I have to add my hat in the ring with a big thank you to Michael and Mark for their terrific work with Manager Tools.

It was about this time last year that I announced to some of my friends that I was stepping in as the acting IT Manager after my boss was dismissed. One of my colleagues suggested the MT podcast and I couldn't believe it. Great content, great delivery, ready to use action lists, and free... what more could you want?

In the past year I have had a lot of "firsts" so it is hard to compare previous experiences. Regardless, I know Michael and Mark's information made a difference with me dealing with my DRs, my new boss, my peers, and the company Executives. Performance reviews, hiring, relationships, meetings, salary reviews, feedback, and more. Things that many managers groan about, I look forward to with enthusiasm.

What a great year it has been and I look forward to more in 2007.

Thank you!

P.S. Thank you to the forum participants too!