I am new to the forums, I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. I am an attorney by trade and stumbled onto manager tools by accident.

Before listening to manager tools I never thought of myself as a manager. Since listening to mt I not only realize that I am a manager of my staff (paralegals, secretarial staff, junior attorneys) but my eyes have been opened to so many things that I've never even considered before.

Time management, goal setting, one on one's, the list goes on. I was one of those guys who had the Outlook pop-ups on and with an average of 100 emails a day my days were one long interruption. Thank goodness you said, TURN IT OFF! As simple as it is, I never would have considered doing so until it was said. My only difficulty now is figuring out which tools to implement first and how many do I start with.

At the risk of being long-winded, I appreciate how everything in mt is POSITIVE. We can do better, we can improve, feedback isn't personal, it's motivated by an earnest desire to help others. The news, radio, internet, work, etc is filled with stressful pessimistic information but mt is all about being positive.

I'm sure you've heard it a million times but thank you for everything.

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Welcome to the forums!

Mark and Mike's podcasts hit me, too, like a blinding flash. As the infomercials say, it really really works...