Hi Mark, Mike, and all others who make up manager tools,

you have created an awesome set of podcasts and other resources that have made a fundamental improvement in the work that I do, and in turn improved things within my company, and for my team and the people I work with. So thank you. It's very much appreciated. (And I did recently sign up for premium membership, too, so you do get more than just a thank you.)

Some of the things I wanted to mention in particular:

  • The concepts within the trinity, and the basics series, are really, really useful. They've given me a grounding in what I should be doing as a manager that I've not received from any other source. (And my company has run a management training course.)
  • One-on-ones are now pretty much institutionalised within our company, at least in part because I pushed for them to happen in a re-org a while back, which was at least in part down to you. They're not all MT one-on-ones, but they're still pretty good at improving and maintaining relationships.
  • I've just been promoted. I'll take credit for most of that, but I think Manager Tools and the superb advice I've received should have some of the credit too
  • In taking on that promotion, there's a bunch of stuff I already knew from listening to past podcasts that had me really well prepared. For example, I was taking on geographically dispersed team, and from day 1 of hearing about this, I was talking to my manager about the need to get the whole team together in one place, at the beginning, and ideally regularly thereafter.

So once again, thank you, and please keep it up!



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Thanks for the kind words.  We're thrilled to hear that you and your firm are doing well because of your focus on and improvement in managerial behaviors. 

We're doing this for folks just like you.  Maybe we'll never meet you, but we want you and your company to have every opportunity to succeed.

It's a privilege to serve you,