Dear Sirs,

I'm writing to thank you and describe the value of your podcasts as a mentoring tool.

To summarize, I've had an intern for the past four weeks. His job to is support  homeland security and defense analysis (e.g., helping to answer questions such as what are the economic trade-offs associated with increased border security?) His primary functions are technically focused -- systems research, analytical capabilities design and development, etc.

In order to add value to his experience, I thought it'd be interesting to offer more practical advice. To this end, I have been providing him with  "nuggets of wisdom" and various MT and CT podcasts to listen to. In just a few weeks, it is clear that the value he is getting from these discussion is surpassing the technical skills he is obtaining. Managers and colleagues have repeatedly remarked how professional he is, stating that "he is the best intern we've ever had" and "he may be better than some of our employees." .

This has been the most rewarding mentoring experience I've had in five years of mentoring students. It's a pleasure to be able to pass on these skills to the next generation of america's business and government leaders. Thank you and keep up the great work!


                 David O. Franco

PS -- Your podcasts have directly impacted my own professional development too! In August, I will enroll as a full-time student in Wharton's MBA program. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the result of fierce adoption of the MT mindset and guidance.  Thank you!

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David -- On behalf of the entire Manager Tools team, thank you so much for your kind words. We're thrilled to help. We may never meet you, or your intern, but we think about you and other managers like you every day.

Good luck with your MBA!