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Everyone (especially mark),

What is the etiquette regarding the senders contact info in a thank you?

After sending many TY's to people I know, or at least people that have my email, I have received a number of emails back about either: how nice they were, or regarding an interest to keep in touch. How can I evoke this same response with people who don't have my email, unless I include it in the TY.

A little background:

I recently graduated college and just returned from 5 week post graduate study trip in SE Asia. I am in the process of writing thank yous to both: eveyrone that's helped me during college, as well as all the people I met overseas. About 40 TY's.

I am very interested in building my network but do not want bother people that have no interest in being in it. I feel if recipients have my email many will ask to keep in contact, which lets me know that they are "for sure" interested in staying in contact. The alternative is not including an email, and me blindly contacting everyone in 3 months.

Is there a correct way to get the result I want? or am I thinking of TY's as serving too many purposes, besides genuine thanks?

Sorry to all the High D's for the long post, including Mike and Mark.



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You could have some personal stationery printed up with an e-mail address on it. I like the monarch sized stationery from It's not real great quality, but I'm on a pretty tight budget and it does the trick.

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I think you would be best served to listen to the "Thank You" podcast.

You can find it here:

The general rule of thumb is a thank you is to express your gratitude and nothing else. Follow up later if you want to make a connection. Just don't forget that networking is a two-way street. Don't forget to add value for them.

Congratulations on graduating!


Quality is nice, but it's the content that counts!


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Thanks for the congrats and I appreciate the reminder on content.

To clarify for everyone, my TY follow the MT guidelines and are usually 4-5 sentences. i.e.

Mr. X

Thank you for ___.

1st sentence example: I will never forget your presentation on ____ .

2nd sentence example: It was because of the time I spent with professionals like you that I consider my trip to China a complete success.

thanks again for your time and best of luck...

best wishes,


It is just from here I would like for them to know how to reach me IF they want to. When I do send the occasional email TY, I usually get a nice reply back, and last time i got a linkdin invite.

I don't want to suggest a reply, but I like it being available if they want to write back. So is this possible with regular TY notes and stationary? Or should I get new stationary like regas suggested?

Also, regas thanks for the site. I checked it out and it may be the answer I'm looking for.

Finally, does anyone have suggestions on how you "add value" to your network. Its hard for me, as such a neophyte, to do anything besides send relevant articles I find. Any ideas would be appreciated. I will be contacting all these people, regardless, in 3 months time.



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How do you add value to your network? You offer what you can. You have knowledge and skills. You have something to offer. You offer it when the opportunity presents itself. If the opportunity doesn't present itself, just stay in touch.

If you try too hard, you'll be correctly perceived as trying too hard. :)

Relax. Your good intentions will show through over time.