What are some of the etiquette basics for thank you notes during this holiday season?

Specifically, regarding food or gift items:

How quickly should thank you notes be done?

Is a verbal thank you sufficient, or when are handwritten, telephone, voice mail or e-mail thank yous appropriate?

Do unsolicted vendor gifts require the same treatment as gifts from supervisors, direct reports or collegues?

What are key points to make in a thank you note, besides 'thank you.'

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Mailed within 24 hours of opening, handwritten. Email or verbal is not enough. Always handwritten cards.

You've got me on the unsolicited gifts question. Am I reading that wrong? Would you be sending cards only to vendors who gave you "solicited" gifts? Aren't all gifts unsolicited?

We'll have a cast about the details of how to write a thank you note next year.