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Hi Team,

Thank you for making the Shownotes available to registered members for the Managing During a Pandemic - The COVID-19 Cast.

I listen to your podcasts on the way to and from work each day (working my way through the archive), and having these particular shownotes at my work keeps me focussed on the 'what to be doing' in the uncertain times ahead.

I have been doing one on ones since I joined my team last year and my communication is well established. This is where the true value of them pays off.

We have not been directed to work from home or remotely yet but have the necessary technology to do so if/when the time comes. Most in my team have never done it in the past, (nor want to) so it will be new to them and something I want to manage in the right way.

Thank you again Manager Tools for this resource at this time. I appreciate it greatly.



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Thank you, Helen.  Thrilled we are helping, if even a little.  Rest assured, through your actions, you're making a difference for your team and company.  

All the best,