Well I failed on the following up immediately advice from the conference preparation casts, but hopefully better late than never.

Thank you to Mark, Mike and Wendii for hosting a great set of conferences. There is such an incredible difference between listening to all the casts, nodding along as I drive, and getting hands on instruction and real time Q&A. It was a completely jammed pack two days and I don’t think I’ve worked my brain that hard in a long time. Despite being utterly exhausted by the end of it all, I’d gladly do it all over again, the learning was just that good.

I think it just goes to prove Mark’s point about face to face communication, that being in person was so much more effective. Mark and Mike have one of the best quality podcasts I’ve ever listened too, but seeing Mark speak in person just blows that away. And Mike is certainly no slouch at all, his smile is as infectious in person as it is listening to him on the podcasts.

And Wendii, in person and Maggie by email supported the whole show and were the icing on the cake.

Thank you again, Manager Tools. I am looking forward to a renewed focus on my MT practices.

Joel BC


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Thanks for your kind comments!  The Manager Tools team had a great experience in San Jose.

We continue to marvel at how much fun it is to work with more professionals trying to make themselves better at managing and communication.


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I guess you got your training budget approved.  When you get a moment, can you follow up on what went well in the process and what you might have done differently?