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Hi all,

Would you please let me know whether I should send hand written thank you notes out? 

I got a raise. I know four people had to vouch for me. One of which is my boss. Do you think I should send each of them a written thank you? 

Thanks in advance for your input

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There is no downside here.  In my experience, most of the time I send out thank you notes, I hear later on that that is the first one that they've ever gotten and were pleasantly surprised.  It will set you above the norm and, in a small way, ratify their recommendation.


Al the best,




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Hand written thank you notes are great.

However, "Thanks for vouching for me I got a raise" is not appropriate.

It's pretty sacred to keep all aspects of your compensation private, only among the parties whose business it is.

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Since it was a "vouch for you" kind of thing, I would suggest sending a thank you card or even a quick email note (I know, hated a bit here but they have worked well for me).

I was introduced to a heavy hitter in my industry years ago by a friend who worked for this guy. We chatted about business for about 10 minutes then he took off to work the room so to speak. I sent him a quick note thanking him for taking some time to chat with me when he was so busy. Not only did he respond directly to me, a couple of days later my friend called to tell me that the thank you note was so surprising to the boss that he was talking about me and used it as an example for his staff to do when meeting people.

Still today, years later we (that boss & I) are "contacts" who chat about business every 3-4 months even though we are not working directly with one another. There is absolutely zero downside to sending. You may feel akward (as I did before sending in the story above) but at a minimum you will brighten someone's day. A more likely outcome is you will strengthen what appear to be already strong relationships.

Congrats on the rise!