I have a panel interview in a couple weeks for a management position in the same company for which I currently work.  The interviews will all be conducted on one day (3-6 applicants), and the turnaround may be as little as one day. 

Is it appropriate to send thank you notes, or emails?  They may literally make a decision the afternoon of the interviews.  Delivering thank you notes or emails the same day seems a little much.  Right?  Any suggestions?

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Bring some with you, blank.  When you get to your car(after the interviews), write them out in a customized way to each named interviewer and walk them back into the front desk...with or without stamps.  It takes an extra few minutes but will stand you out I'm sure.


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If you know the interviewers in advance then you may even take the time to address the envelopes and cards. This is particularly important for group interviews because you will have many thank you notes to send.

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they SAY the decision will be made that day, but the majority of time it ISN'T.  Further, if you're not the top candidate but they lose the top candidate, a thank you note may put you ahead after the fact.

Good advice above, as well.

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The reason we send thank you notes is to thank the interviewer for the interview.  Period.  It is the proper and responsible thing to do.  We don't send thank you notes ONLY if they can help get us a job offer.  Emails are okay "in addition to" snail mail...not "instead of".  What's the downside?  You get an offer, accept and then the next day they receive your thank you note for the initial interview...which confirms that you know and use proper etiquette in your business dealings.  Sounds pretty good to me!   To take it another step further, Mark has even suggested in the past to send a thank you note after a rejection letter (really puts you on their radar screen if they have another opening)! Emails are okay "too", but always, always, always send a written thank you note. 

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Thanks to everyone for their insight on this.  I have my blank Thank You's ready to go for my interview next Tuesday.


ROBMC, your point is great.  Thanks for helping me see it from that perspective, rather than solely from a competitive advantage perspective.  You are absolutely right.


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