I was contacted by a head-hunter. Made it through the first phone interview and in-person interview with her, and she sent my resume to the company looking for me.

Made it through the phone interview and in-person interview in DC. Before I left the airport, they asked me for a follow-up interview with the CEO, who would be in NYC (near me) yesterday.

That was called off due to the storm. I have been asked to come back in a few weeks (only time the executive team is all there). So I am siting down to write thank you notes. 

I interviewed with five people. Should I send thank you notes to all of them, or just the hiring manager?

I was only able to close on one of the folks I interviewed with -- the others caught me sleeping. The thank you note guidance tells us to re-close the deal, but I am reluctant to do it initially in a note.

My plan: close on  the others next time, and re-state the close to the CEO in a thank you note, and study like crazy about where they are, where they want me to take them, and have a whole new pile of questions.

Do I then send another round of thank you notes after interview 2?

What about if there is a round 3, do I need to begin buying bigger boxes of thank you notes (COSTCO?) ;)



 (Btw, the close really, really needs to be an integral part of the questions.)


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Hello Charlie,

Send thank you notes to all of the interviewers, each time you interview with them.  Send a thank you note to that nice recruiter too!  Close in all of them, even the one to the recruiter.  Afterall, you're simply expressing your desire for an offer. 

  Good luck!

P.S. I am not in any way affiliated with COSTCO or any greeting card manufacturer.

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Thanks MMAN, Now that you mention it, the CEO's admin was rather helpful and I may be burdening her again in a couple of weeks. I will get another box. CD