I have an internal interview next week with four team leads and a recruiter.  When I write my thank you notes, do I send them out in the mail? Or do I bring them to the office and leave them with at the front desk?  I thought that walking them to their desks would cross a line.


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When I write thank yous to people within my own building, I let the internal mail system handle it. To me, it's awkward presenting someone with a thank you note. Now, if they're one door down from me, I'll leave it on their desk when they're not in.

If they are at another site, I put a stamp on it and drop in it the postal service mail box as opposed to using an internal mail process. However, I'm probably overdoing that. The important thing is that they get the thank you, not in the delivery.

I'd love to hear other ideas.


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Glenn, I do the same - thank-you notes go into their mailboxes in the central mailroom, or "snuck" onto their desk if they're on the same floor as me. I always stamp and mail notes to people in other locations instead of using interoffice mail delivery.