Hi all,

Great advice so far, so I have another question. Would we still send a thank you letter for a phone interview? I am being interview this week by an American company for a new location in Canada, should I still send the thank you note?

If yes, then I can assume that I should ask for the correct spelling of her name and address, or would I be better of doing the homework and finding out myself.

I have already listened to the phone interview cast and am preparing my information and location.

Thanks for the help.


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I would. At least thank them for their time.

In the 'Thank you note' podcast the suggestion was to write thank you notes for just about any reason.


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Are you thankful for the interview?

M&M give great advice. They give practical advice on exactly what to do. But we shouldn't forget that there's a reason behind the advice. A thank you note should be sent because you're thankful. If it becomes a tool to work the game, then insincerity will show, and the benefit lost.

If you appreciate the interview. If you appreciate their time. Then send them a thank you note sincerely expressing your thanks.

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You cannot say "Thank you" too often.


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How about this template. You can mention something specific you talked about to make it more personal:

Dear [Company],

I appreciated the chance to talk to you on the phone the other day about the accounting position. I know my attention to detail and strong organizational skills will make me a good candidate.

Thanks again for your time. Please call me at 555-555-5555 if you have any questions.


For more sample thank you note wording, see Topics are listed on the left.

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I think a thank you card is supposed to be to say thanks. I just received a couple of cards that were littered with self promotion and it really turned me off.


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Yes, and it's okay to ask for their contact information.


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Regarding the self-promotion-- I see your point but also think this is a different type of thank you note, where a certain amount of self-promotion is okay and even necessary. Writing simply, "Thank you for meeting with me, I enjoyed meeting with you. Sincerely, Candidate" might leave an employer wondering why the interviewee didn't take that chance to reiterate why he's most qualified.

I do agree that the thank you note shouldn't be "Why I Am Wonderful" or "Why I Want the Job"; it should emphasize why you would be an asset to that company and what makes you the most qualified.

That's of course in addition to thanking the employer for their time and interest, which is the main point (but not the whole point).