Hello team. Can you help me with a really quick question please. I had an interview yesterday. First on in over 15years.

I was helped immensely by the Interview Tools series. It made me feel as if I had had a good friend help me make the preparations and I can highly recommend the purchase.

I don't earn allot but it is good value.


I am just about to sit down and do the thank you letter. Or should it be letters?

I was obviously invited to interview by one person and they greeted me at the door. I was interviewed by him and 2 other people. A different member of that panel showed me out.

My gut feeling is to send one thank you letter to the person who invited me to come and see them, obviously thanking the other chaps too however, they were all pretty nice and don't they deserve a thank you too? And of course the opportunity to close with all 3?


I know its the weekend and for the Americans its the Thanksgiving one too but, if you are checking in here and in need of an excuse to take a break from eating too much or playing with the children you could see this as a great opportunity!

What are you very quick thoughts? 1 or 3? I have plenty of paper stamps and ink. 


thank you very much for you time in advance


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send to everyone you interviewed with.

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I agree, send it to all three. The point of the note is to show appreciation for the opportunity ad to close one last time. Take advantage if anything that will help you to standout and be noticed in a positive way with the interviewing team. 

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 thanks for your advice.