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Is there guidance or recommendations on sending thank you notes if you are not extended an offer?

Made it through phone interviews and on-site and sent thank you notes according to interviewing series to everyone that I interviewed with.  Was told yesterday they are going in a different direction. I was going to send a thank you note to the 2 key decision makers for the opportunity, who have been a part of the process the longest.

I am wondering about sending to the rest of the group that interviewed me (10 in total) at the on-site interview. Is that overkill? Does it appear desperate?

Thank you,


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Hello Bill,

I'm going to fall narrowly on the side of overkill. You've already differentiated yourself enough by sending the first thank you notes to the other interviewers.  Additionally, I think your time is better spent pursuing the next opportunity.

Even if you decide to send them, I don't think it would appear desparate unless you attempt to close.

  Good luck!

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 Thanks Michael,

That's the direction I went. Onward and upward