I've been in my new management role for going-on-three months and I've been adhering to the Weekly O3 plan, as recommended by Mike & Mark.

For a variety of reasons, we've structured them in a revolving four-week model:

Week 1 - productivity & capacity focus
Week 2 - career development focus
Week 3 - productivity & capacity focus
Week 4 - general / summary / recap focus

This week marks the second Career Development discussion with my folks and I've been getting some great feedback. With one individual in particular, I pulled up the notes from our first career development discussion and I was able to refer back to "here's what you first said you were interested in" and then run with it from there. I offered him some suggested online SkillSoft courses and gave some nudges in the direction he's expressed interest.

He said to me: "Wow. This is really great. With all the other managers I've had here, they bring stuff up but then you never hear about it again. You're always on top of things and you don't let things fall off the radar."

Another DR expressed surprise that I was so helpful in their career goals: "Wow, I've never had a manager who cared this much about what I really wanted to do before!"

So this is a THANK YOU to everyone here at MT for helping me look good and do right by my people.