How would you word a thank you for a phone screening interview with HR only?

It seems presumptuous to include a closing, but the thank you and interest paragraphs are pertinent.

Your thoughts?

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I'm not sure about the concept of "closing" in a thank you note. I usually just stick to the outline provided in the thank you note podcast while conveying my enthusiasm. Here's what I've done before...

Dear Jill,
Thank you so much for interviewing me for your marketing director position.
I enjoyed learning more about XYZ Corporation and the important work being done there. I am excited about the possibility of joining such a dynamic organization.
Again, thank you!

Hope that helps!

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M&M recommend "closing" in your thank you note (see the interview series). Assuming you closed after speaking to the HR person, why not?

You'd like an offer from company X. Why not say so?


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Thanks for the advice, everyone.

I'm following up this week with a phone call. I'm definitely going to let her know that I'd like an offer.

Like M&M say in the cast - it's tough to do if you aren't used to it.