thank you manager tools for everything you are doing! Keep up the good work.

just sharing my experience for 2014 (and maybe some guidance)

I recently completed my performance review to my directs. Thanks to all of your great work and community, it was my best year. After that, I came across a situation. Turns out one my directs found out that he got the lowest score in the team. He's currently taking it against me and finds it too personal. In addition, he's constantly eyeing everyone else because he strongly believes that he didn't deserve that.

As far as i know, he was able to reach out to upper management and no one has been providing me any details about it.

You have any cast or any guidance how to deal with this situation?

FYI.. it may not be relevant but, lately, my manager had me replaced with someone else. But i'm still part of the team, just not doing the managerial stuff anymore, instead i'm doing what my directs are doing.

Thanks for your time and i would appreciate any inputs!