Hi all,

I've been listening for a good few months now and have been floating on the fringes of the forums for a little while. I work in a small IT software/consultancy company based in Northern Ireland, UK. We sell Stock Control & Retail Management software into small/medium sized retail businesses, and also do bespoke development/consultancy work etc.

Mark & Mike. Thanks for an extremely valuable management resource - and for facilitating the development of the "MTs community" by hosting the forums etc. I've listened to most of the podcasts and am now going back through them again. All 1.8Gb are on my MP3 player at present!

Only a few podcasts keep my attention over the long term and I'm glad to say you've succeeded in that ...

Thanks again.


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Thanks for such kind words. We are glad you are getting value from our work. You're why we're doing this.

It's a privilege to serve you.