I love listening to manager tools and career tools, but have recently become an industrial sales engineer. Is there a podcast or any type of reference for a sales person that describes behaviors you can actually do in an actionable, behavior based way?

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I am in sales also and I was wondering the same. I have listened to several podcasts on selling which I found not half as helpful as MT for management.

However, there are some great books around. And there is one podcast about B2B selling which is nothing short of perfect – but it is a German one. I think it is Fantastic if you are about to start in this type of business.
When you dig deeper in those type of books and trainings you will some when end up with “SPIN Selling” by Neil Rackham. Get this book, read it and B2B sales will be yours.
I read tons of books on sales and this one is actually the only one that really makes sense, makes a difference and is actionable. He also has published a “fieldbook” for your personal training.

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There are plenty of sales tools out there - podcasts, books, seminars, etc. I've found the best way to learn about sales is to attend training seminars. Seminars get you really excited for sales, give you really great tips, and it's an excellent place to roleplay sales situations and network. If you can get to one of those, it would be really beneficial. Acquirent,  does outsourced sales and training. They're an excellent resource!

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The best oiption is online world. There are a number of sales tools. The real world follows the online web worlds aupports and notes. So think about the online sales tools.