Is there a page somewhere that shows a timeline for introduction of the various tools and then their frequency once introduced? I'm looking for something akin to a "Timeline of the Universe".

After a few years of working as an individual contributor, I find myself once again as the manager of a team. Some tools come back easy (weekly O3s, monthly ask "overall, how's it going"), but I can't remember when to introduce positive and corrective feedback. How often do I schedule time to analyze my O3 notes for retention? How often do I update my "baseball cards" for steel cage death matches? How does the introduction timing change for a new hire brought into an existing team?

If there is no such page, can this please be considered a feature request for the web site to add one? I would like to see something very similar to the "Map of the Universe", with similar links to the reference podcasts and notes.

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Yes, I have a Word document I can share.  It is not official MT guidance, but it is what I assembled based on the volume of great counsel in the podcasts.  

I have posted a link in the forums previously...just PM me you email address.  Also, there was for a time a MT calendar you could load into Outlook.  

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For what it's worth, Mark and I like this idea tremendously. Fits in well with some other projects we're working on. No promises of anything in the short-term, but rest assured we're paying attention. ;)