Last week we had a meeting with 40 people representing different parts of the company to talk about some of the problems we have in our organization.

One of issues that employees address was: poor communication.

My manager said that he failed in the communications and the others 3 departmament managers also failed. He said that there was just one department that was communicating properly 8)

Since I knew MT I do for sure the trynity and I try to apply as much as I listen.

It was very good that he put me as example.
But he also requested me something.
He would like me to analyse all the problems arised related to this issue to know where is the problem and how to solve it.

How to solve it for me it's clear as the other managers are not having weekly department meetings, or O3 or any of the tips that Mark&Mike give us.
But I was wondering which is the best approach for this. Obviously I will recommend to do this but I want to create a good document that could impress my boss :D

Any thoughts?
Thank you everybody for everything. You are helping me a lot to improve my management skills ...

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Random thoughts:

Point these folks to Manager Tools. It doesn't need to be a secret.

Your document could take the approach of saying: these things are simple, but they require discpline and commitment. O3's aren't in themselves hard. Carving the time out to do them, and making them a real priority, can be hard.

Also, check out the "management communications," "microcommunications," and "skip level" podcasts.

You can distinguish yourself by recommending a rollout plan for the basics: every manager does X by time T, etc. So you're focused on the "who does what by when" rather than what needs to be done (for example, the training portion could consist of each manager listening to a specified set of M-T podcasts). [note: based on previous posts, M&M are OK with you sending colleagues to, but not on you downloading and making podcasts and other content available on your intranet]

Congrats and good luck.